How Do I Check For Leaks?

How Do I Check For Leaks?

How Do I Check For Leaks?

Water is essential in our properties as long as it is safely kept in a pipe, sink, tub, or other appropriate equipment, such as a dishwasher. However, if water gets into places it shouldn't, it can quickly turn into an enemy, causing structural and furniture damage. Even in newer homes, plumbing leaks are unfortunately prevalent, and every home will likely experience them at least once.

Furthermore, not all leaks are visible; some might be quite subtle, making it critical to detect and patch a leak as soon as possible. Every homeowner should know how to locate a water leak, so we'll provide you with some tips on how to do so!

Tips To Find Leaks

· Keep an eye on the water bill

Water bills are typically predictable, so if yours is particularly high and you haven't been using excessive water, be sure your home leaks.

· keep an eye on the water meter

Turn off all the taps, check the water meter, and write down the figures you observe. Turn down the shut-off valve on your home's main water supply pipe to see if the leak is within the house or outside (only for properties with meters on the street).

Finally, wait another hour after checking the water meter and writing down the readings. If the numbers haven't changed when you check again, the water leak is inside your home.

· Keep an eye out for patches of greener grass

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn, but if a section of your lawn is considerably greener (and grows quicker) than the rest, it could be the location of a leaking hidden water line.

· Examine your appliances and fixtures

Check the cupboards under the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom sinks to make sure they're dry if the water meter test suggests a leak within your home.

· Test the Toilet with Dye

If there are no puddles near fixtures or appliances, check to see if the toilet needs to be repaired, as it is a common source of interior leaks.

· Keep an eye out for leaking clues

If a fitting on a supply line under your sink breaks and a shower of water shoot out, you'll know right away what's wrong, but some leaks are much more difficult to detect.

In the worst-case scenario, water may trickle slowly through a wall's pipe fittings and go undiscovered until it causes considerable damage. Even if the water meter test shows no leaks, one could appear at any time.

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